The Empty Threats

The Empty Threats are a 5-piece queer post-punk/noise-rock band from Kaurna Land/Adelaide, South Australia. They create a blend of modern post-punk and 80s Australiana while featuring political convictions and lived experience through their music – no more exemplified than on the first two singles, ‘Boys in the Gutter’ & ‘ATACB’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Monster Truck Mondays’. They are a band to behold live on stages of any size, evoking stage craft from greats like the Oils and the Stones

This blend of commentary, genre mash and performance style has seen them play a range of events from WOMAD2022 to the Adelaide 500 supporting Jimmy Barnes to playing with contemporaries like Methyl Ethyl, Mildlife, Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers, A. Swayze & the Ghosts, Babe Rainbow to name a few.

They are set for an incredible 12 months ahead with the largest tour of their career in 2023, debut album ‘Monster Truck Mondays’, appearance at Yours & Owls and the prospect of taking their show to Europe.