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Be part of the deeply connected, arts-loving community that supports the Biennale of Sydney. There are so many ways you can have an impact. Support individual programs including artist projects or education or give to the area of greatest need.

In appreciation of your generous contribution, as a patron you will enjoy special access to artists and curators, experience talks with diverse guests and topics, tour private collections, and get insider perspectives on how our epic exhibitions are produced.

The Biennale is made possible through the commitment of generous supporters who share our belief that art should be accessible to all.

Levels of support (per edition):

Luminaries: $100,000
Governor: $50,000
Ambassador: $25,000
Associate: $12,500
Benefactor: $6,000
Advocate: $1,000

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Become a Patron by making an online donation or by contacting Louise Villar, Development Coordinator, Biennale of Sydney.

Patrons of the Biennale of Sydney

Founding Governor

  • Franco Belgiorno-Nettis AC CBE

Founding Patrons

  • The Belgiorno-Nettis Family
  • Transfield Holdings

Principal Patron

  • The Neilson Foundation


  • Oranges & Sardines Foundation
  • Anonymous


  • Hantomeli Foundation


  • Andrew Cameron AM and Cathy Cameron
  • Ginny and Leslie Green
  • The Hansen Family
  • Hauser & Wirth
  • Amanda and Andrew Love
  • The Medich Foundation
  • Vicki Olsson
  • Roslyn and Tony Oxley
  • Penelope Seidler AM
  • Georgie and Alastair Taylor
  • Wellington and Virginia Yee



  • Guido and Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis
  • Simon Chan AM Art Atrium
  • A Chartwell Charitable Trust 50th Anniversary 2024 Project
  • James Cohan, New York
  • Jo Horgan AM and Peter Wetenhall
  • James Lie
  • Kate Mills
  • Mark and Louise Nelson
  • Elizabeth Ramsden
  • James Roth and Sue Acret
  • Standish and Co by Look Print
  • Turnbull Foundation
  • Wardle
  • Martin Wong Foundation
  • Carla Zampatti Foundation
  • Mercedes U. Zobel


  • Art Jameel  
  • Claire Armstrong and John Sharpe 
  • Teresa and Andrew Biet 
  • Alex Bowen and Catherine Sullivan
  • Natalia Ottolenghi Bradshaw
  • Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA)
  • Geoff Charnock and Giovanni Munoz
  • Matt and Emily Crockers
  • José Da Silva
  • Paul and Saadia Durham
  • Richard and Harriett England
  • Gajah Gallery
  • GrantPirrie Private
  • Susan Hipgrave and Edward Waring
  • Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs
  • Michael and Anna Joel
  • John Kaldor
  • The Knights Family Jabula Foundation
  • Walter and Liz Lewin
  • William Lim, Living Limited
  • Robyn Martin-Weber
  • Nanda\Hobbs Gallery
  • Lisa and Egil Paulsen
  • Emma Perera
  • Project Eleven
  • Michelangelo and Lourdes Samson
  • Rena Shein and David Hendler
  • Lawrence Smith and Anthea Williamson
  • Jennifer Stafford and Jon Nicholson
  • Alenka Tindale
  • Mercedes Villardell 


  • Matthias and Tiffany Arndt  
  • Cassandra Bird 
  • Sabine Brunckhorst  
  • CBD Gallery 
  • Lisa Chung  
  • E
  • Alan Conder and Alan Pigott 
  • Danielle Earp
  • Paul Ferman
  • Barbara Flynn
  • Rick and Jan Frolich
  • Jisuk Han
  • James Hill
  • Susan Hilliard
  • Mark Hughes
  • Lesley Kernaghan
  • Ruby Langton-Batty
  • Benjamin Mangold
  • Dr Dominik Mersch
  • Zoe Paulsen
  • Khaled Sabsabi
  • MARC STRAUS Gallery, NYC
  • Tindall Foundation
  • Anna Waldman
  • Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
  • Chris Wirasinha
  • Dr. Terry Wu 
  • And those who wish to remain anonymous 

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