Biennale of Sydney

The Biennale of Sydney, as an international contemporary art event, continues to uphold peace, generosity, and understanding as values at the core of its mission. Our platform serves as a bridge for artists and communities from around the world, celebrating diversity, fostering creativity, and promoting dialogue. 

The Biennale firmly believe that violence and conflict only perpetuate division and sorrow. As an organisation that promotes cultural exchange, we fervently hope for a future where violent conflicts become a thing of the past. This vision of a harmonious world is not only possible but indeed necessary, as it is only through understanding and empathy that we can overcome our differences and unite in shared joy. 

While the Biennale remains dedicated to its artistic and cultural mission, we also stand in solidarity with those who seek peaceful solutions to global conflicts. We believe in the power of art to inspire change, spark conversations, and pave the way towards a more inclusive and harmonious world. We will continue to use our platform to encourage the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences that promote peace, generosity, and understanding among all people.