Born Sydney 1984, lives and works in Sydney.

Skye is a performance artist, and creator of mystic characters, drawings and stories with a magical capacity for manifesting the intangible. Dreams, memories and metaphysical worlds form the substance of Skye’s work.
There is such spirit in the art of Skye Saxon, a spirit that she is uniquely inclined to read and cosmically interpret in others. On paper, glass, textiles, video and digital, Skye explores themes of divinity, magical practice and cosmology. “I like to play with the strange parts of myself”, she says “to make artworks from this place, and to share this with an audience.”
As a performance artist, Skye embodies and switches between several fully realised characters. She is Madame Witch (the mystique medium), Skye Fox (a fighter pilot) and Katerina the Steampunk Ringmaster with her motley crew of followers: Hank Octomon, Sugar Mama and others.
Skye has exhibited widely at Carriageworks, Cement Fondu, Cementa Festival Kandos, Underbelly Arts Festival and Kinokuniya. In 2021 her work was featured in Carriageworks’ No Show, a survey of NSW-based early career artists working out of artist-led-initiatives. She designed the centrepiece of the Studio A installation for No Show, a tarot tent in which she gave readings as Madame Witch – dolling out aleatory oracles to passers by.
In 2019 at Cement Fondu’s Project Space, Skye Saxon unveiled her first solo exhibition, Oddysee – the manifestation of a yearlong project working with artist Katy B Plummer. Skye produced a series of soft sculptures and an accompanying video work.
In 2016, Skye released Snowflake Moon: A Paperville Mystery, a video game and interactive artwork co-produced by digital artist, Elias Nohra. The point and click adventure features original hand drawn avatars, backgrounds and visual effects.
-Words by Will Kollmorgen, Studio A volunteer.