POOKIE is a Melbourne based producer, songwriter, composer, DJ, and possibly one of the best MCs in the country. She attributes her love for music to Missy Elliot and the world of Hip-Hop at large.

Growing up in Perth, POOKIE discovered a love for many forms of creative expression, ranging from painting, sketching, sculpting and poetry. Utilising this creative arsenal, POOKIE’s art has become a dynamic display of her South Sudanese roots, with many of her pieces also celebrating her western upbringing.

POOKIE relocated to Melbourne in 2014, and found a scene of Black creatives boldly celebrating their narratives. These creatives were unapologetically committed to redefining the art scene by taking up space. Finding comfort among like-minded creatives, POOKIE began exhibiting her art, as well as organising and curating events to empower young

Around this time, POOKIE also took to the stage with her spoken word poetry. Through experimenting with elements of her poetry, POOKIE discovered the world of production and in 2018 she began studying production and music business. In 2019, POOKIE formed a five-piece band. With a wave of authentic Afro-Jazz and Hip-Hop melodies, they quickly made an artistic impact in Melbourne’s music scene, while elevating their name with performances across Australia.

In September 2020, POOKIE released her self-produced debut single ‘Tuesday’ ahead of her first project, ‘Dinka Girl’, and changed the face of hip-hop in Melbourne with her ferocious bars and nonchalant attitude. The following year she released an 11 track live studio album, ‘FLick’, and received great notoriety across Australia. POOKIE is paving the way for independent artists in Australia with her unapologetic nature as she marches to her own beat through the music industry, and she’s only getting started.