Dhopiya Yunupiŋu (Gumatj/Yolŋu nation, Australia)

UNSW Galleries

In early 2022 following the passing of her sisters Nyapanyapa and Djerrkŋu and her late husband, the famous yiḏaki maker Djalu Gurruwiwi, Dhopiya Yunupiŋu began painting at Buku Larrŋgay Mulka Centre on bark, ceramic vessels and larrakitj (memorial poles). Her works are inspired by her knowledge and connection to Maccassan traders and ceremonial activities. Mostly focussed on using a figurative style, Yunupiŋu’s work quickly caught the attention of visitors and her first body of work titled Maŋgatharra to MaregeSouth Western Sulawesi to North East Arnhemland was shown in Sydney in 2023.