Angie Goto is an Australian artist who has a unique interpretation of her surroundings through figurative and abstract art. She was born deaf, which gives her a different perspective on colour and images. Angie studied Fine Art and Graphic Design in Newcastle and Sydney. Her return to painting was marked by her Tropfest film “Angie, ” which was a finalist in 2015.  She had successful exhibitions in Sydney and abroad. She has been a finalist in various art prizes such as Ravenswood Art Prize, Paddington Art Prize, Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Michael Reid’s National Emerging Art Prize, and many others. These experiences have solidified her dedication to painting. In addition to her art career, Angie works part-time as an Artist Educator at The Museum of Contemporary Art and Powerhouse Museum, where she focuses on special projects for the deaf and hard of hearing audience. She also does freelance work at AGNSW, Hazelhurst Art Centre, and Campbelltown Art Centre.