Born Sydney 1983, lives and works in Sydney.

Watching Adam diligently work the studio loom, passing yarn between parallel threads and conjuring a ‘whole’ out of small parts is mesmerising. It’s as if this apparatus juts out naturally from him – as a brush to a painter.
He is our resident artisan, and his scarfs, baby blankets and bags have been scooped up by keen supporters in search of cohesive wearable works of art. He was mentored by textile specialists Brook Morgan & Sue Byatt – who saw in him a natural gift for weaving.
Adam has a bower bird-like methodology; he uses whatever materials he can find on hand. Though his patterning is carefully considered, every work is a testament to this attitude of resourcefulness and waste avoidance.
Adam is particularly fond of weaving outdoors and in public, where he likes “seeing everyone’s faces”. Recently, he has set up his loom in the shop front of Grill’d Crows Nest. Every fortnight he provides demonstrations and markets his wares to curious onlookers – many of which become returning friends. This residency was born out of Studio A’s inclusion in the chains ‘Local Matters’ initiative. Adam is also a fixture at the yearly Makers Market – a boutique outdoor fair held at the Australian Design Centre.
Recently, he has produced a series of hyper colour fluoro loops, and a natural ochre inspired textile range. For the future, he plans to “keep on weaving, see friends a lot and sell my scarfs”
-Words by Will Kollmorgen, Studio A volunteer.