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Liquid Languages

Pre and Post Exhibition Learning Resources

Our pre and post exhibition learning resources Liquid Languages enable students to connect with the key themes of rīvus ahead of and following their exhibition visit. Liquid Languages encourages students to channel new knowledge from their experience of rīvus into local environments. 

Liquid Languages  foregrounds the diverse creative processes of rīvus participants by showcasing how different art-making approaches have developed over the Biennale’s 50 year history. Divided into five key areas of exploration; Found Materials, Sound, New Materials, Mapping and Words, Liquid Languages  aims to highlight the various ways artists’ practice and the creative tools they use to communicate with their audiences. 

Liquid Languages, embraces student-led learning and action-based research and creation. Students are empowered to work collaboratively and to experiment and play with different materials as they map the water stories of their local environments.

Mirroring the collective processes of José Roca, Artistic Director, 23rd Biennale of Sydney and the Curatorium, students will be supported in the negotiation of the diverse interests of their peers, through the creation of interdisciplinary projects that imbue the essence of rīvus.  


Resource Structure

23rd Biennale of Sydney Resource
 Participant Highlights

  • Words –  Clare Milledge 
  • Sound  –  Haines & Hinterding 
  • Mapping   - D Harding
  • Found Materials  – Yuko Mohri  
  • New Materials Jessie French 

Liquid Languages includes:

1. 50 years of… – A slideshow presentation of Biennale of Sydney projects across the past 50 years that connect to the driving themes of Liquid Languages, Found Material, Mapping, New Material, Sound and Words.

2. Participant Spotlight: Video Resource – A series of newly commissioned videos featuring 23rd Biennale of Sydney participants discussing how the assigned theme relates to their practice.

3. Exercises: Active learning exercises that explore each medium in depth, which aspire to expand learners and educators understanding of the different methods of art making. 

Words – Clare Milledge  

Download the presentation – 50 Years of Words

Download the exercise – Purposeful Walking


Sound –  Haines & Hinterding

Download the presentation – 50 Years of Sound

Download the exercise – Searching for the Intangible

Listen to sound works by Haines and Hinterding here.

Mapping – D Harding 

Download the presentation – 50 Years of Mapping

Download the exercise – Body/Map

Found Materials – Yuko Mohri  

Download the presentation – 50 Years of Found Material

Download the exercise – Repair the Drip

Watch Found Materials – Yuko Mohri with Japanese captions here.

Commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney with generous assistance from The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

New Materials – Jessie French

Download the presentation – 50 Years of New Materials

Download the exercise – Algaescapes

Image: Liquid Languages: Jessie French (video still)2022, 23rd Biennale of Sydney Learning Resources. Video: Ankit Mishra