Born 2010 in Bega, Australia Lives and works in Huon Valley, Tasmania

First Dog on the Moon employs a unique stream of consciousness approach to create political and humorous cartoons that discuss the most debated topics of the day. These cartoons deeply resonate with many readers, from The Guardian Australia newspaper to Crikey magazine. He opens up spaces for the witty and sharp characterisation of issues that are often laden with racist undertones, ignorance towards or denial of environmental and deep-rooted historical legacies. His work draws on the personal as well as the nuances and ironies of the political climate and its players.

Walkley award-winning political cartoonist for The Guardian, First Dog on the Moon has written and / or illustrated loads of books, held exhibitions of actual art, performed live stage shows and had a hugely popular but quite short (three minute) ABC radio show. Working tirelessly to save an ungrateful Australia from itself, this self-described ‘National Treasure’ was for a time ‘Official Cartoonist’ for the Premiership Winning Western Bulldogs AFL team. First Dog spends most days working at the First Dog on the Moon Institute in southern Tasmania, amongst the bandicoots and the silver wattles, trying to find time to paint, which is actually the reason for doing all the other things.