Queer PowerPoint is the cult hit experimental performance series in which Queer artists from Sydney and beyond are invited to explore and share an idea, current obsession, or ongoing fascination using that most staid and ubiquitous of programming tools – PowerPoint.

It’s a bunch of queers deep diving into highly niche content in a very gay way.

Reclaiming and queering the corporate presentation from our straight capitalist overlords, creators Xanthe Dobbie and Harriet Gillies host this night of surprising stories, secret passions and starwipes;  commissioning artists to create a new 10-minute performance lecture about absolutely anything – the only rules are they have to be queer af, and they have to use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Come back together and revel in this new strangeness with a digital tool from a simpler time.

Co-Creators – Harriet Gillies, Xanthe Dobbie & Thom Smyth
Co-Curators & Featuring – Harriet Gillies & Xanthe Dobbie
Creative Producer – Thom Smyth
Production Manager – Charlie Kember
Auslan interpreted by Nicole Clark and Dima El-Alam

Produced by Unfunded Empathy.

Logos, from left: Creative Australia, Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, NSW Government, City of Sydney, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Neislon Foundation, Mrvac, and Destination NSW