Hydro-cize manifests as a two-part series offering an opportunity to compare and contrast different reflective approaches and the chance to think through the reality that we are all connected through water, by water and in water.

Dates & Times  

Keg de Souza and Dr Remy LowA Taste for Empire 
Sunday, 3 April 2022 
10–11.30 am 

This workshop will facilitate embodied contemplations of the entwined histories of food, water, and land through sensory morsels and taste offerings. Through mindful eating and deep listening, participants are invited to explore complex ecological histories of place. Hear – and taste – how one introduced plant arrived with the First Fleet, carved out scenes of Empire in multifaceted ways, and continues its invasive history as a colonising force through the Australian landscape. Then sit, smell and sip while reflecting on how an Empire’s thirst for a psychoactive beverage shaped modern world history in ways that are still being felt today.  

Part 1:  Prickly Pear – Deep listening and morsel tasting

Part 2:  Lemon Myrtle Tea – Mindfulness and tea drinking  


Lucas Ihlein, Kim Williams, and Anne WaltonGlimpses of Poo-topia
Sunday, 1 May 2022

Did you know that every time you flush the toilet, you combine two valuable resources (human excrement and drinking water) to create toxic sludge? Join us for this Hydro-cize workshop to learn how the art of human manure composting can revolutionise everything you take for granted about your poo. See the workings of a fully functional humanure system! Inhale the sweet aroma of garden soil created from human crap! And share profound (and hilarious) stories about the suburban and rural poo-topias with the workshop co-ordinators. 

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Participant Bios

Lucas Ihlein

Lucas Ihlein is an artist who likes working with farmers and soil and inventors of interesting systems. He recently completed two projects in collaboration with artist Kim Williams, http://plasticfreebiennale.sydney at the Biennale of Sydney 2020, and http://www.sugar-vs-the-reef.net/ at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. Nearly always, Lucas’ projects are a bit like this: they last several years, lots of collaborators are involved, and everyone bites off more than they can chew, leaving a whole lot of undigested nutrient for months and years afterwards. See also http://lucasihlein.net

Dr Remy Low 

Remy is committed to cultivating culturally responsive educators who can work in diverse contexts. This informs his research in the history and philosophy of education, which flows in two broad directions. First, he examines the social, cultural, and religious factors that have shaped education in the present. Second, he explores how educator responsiveness may be fostered and sustained through contemplative practices from different traditions (e.g. mindfulness, deep listening, reflective reading and writing, process art, mind-body exercises). 

Keg de Souza 

Keg de Souza is an artist of Goan ancestry who lives and works on unceded Gadigal land and explores the politics of space through temporary architecture, radical pedagogy and food politics. This investigation of social and spatial environments is influenced by architectural training, squatting and organising, as well as personal experiences of colonisation – from her own ancestral lands being colonised to living as a settler on other people’s unceded lands. Keg often creates projects that focus on pedagogy to centre voices that are often marginalised – for learning about Place.  

Anne Walton 

For past two years, living off-grid and off-internet, on bushland in the Brindabella Range, NSW. Assisting in build of thermal mass house. Establishing humanure composting. Investigating ecovillage membership. Prior life as a video/performance artist, chef and welfare rights lawyer.

Kim Williams  

Kim Williams has collaborated with Lucas Ihlein and others on land and water projects. As an artist she likes to get involved in things that she knows little about – farming, coral reefs, plastics – and learn on the job. The latest shiny brown object is humanure, a universal possibility and personal domestic project.  

 Visit – www.kimwilliamsportfolio.net