Make Art After Dark your new mid-week meet up. 

Every Wednesday throughout the exhibition from 5–9 pm you can experience the 23rd Biennale of Sydney at Barangaroo late into the night alongside a variety of weekly programs inspired by the works and themes of rīvus. 

Stay the whole night and experience everything or choose your own adventure. Gather and walk with friends, participate in performance and watch cutting-edge contemporary films from around the world. 

Grab a drink at the bar with P&V Wines or at Galleria Campari and grab a burger at Mary’s in The Cutaway. 

Art After Dark – Listening = Healing

Dates & Times
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

5–9 pm

When you listen deeply, carefully and consciously, what do you hear? Communities practice deep listening as a way of connecting with the land and each other. Enacted as a respectful practice, deep listening enables the blurring of edges of the human in the environment. Deep listening activates our awareness of environmental needs, healing our relationship with the more than human. It is a practice of felt and embodied intuition and knowledge.

5.30 pm – Gathering (walk) with Paschal Daantos Berry
Paschal Daantos Berry arrived at a curatorial practice through dramaturgy, performance and creative writing. In this walk he explores notions around healing through a reading of personal unpublished text fragments and an informal conversational exchange with the audience.

6–6.30 pm – Knowledge Holders (talk) with Alessandra Pomarico (prerecorded)
Let us connect through Listening and Healing across time, space and place. Listening – as praxis of community building, to decolonise our practices, and as a way to exercise intuition, resonance, connection, both on a personal and collective level. Healing – the colonial wound and ongoing traumas of modern capitalist ways of life. How can we repair, mend and regenerate our ecosystems, moving toward an otherwise, together? A conversation grounded in the learning that emerged through artistic investigations and experiments in commoning with #free home universty #ecoversties alliance # healing faju (the new alphabet school) #fireflyfrequencies #casadelleagriculture

6.45–7.15 pm – Assembly (performance) with Haines & Hinterding – POSTPONED 
A Deep Listening Activity with 23rd Biennale of Sydney participants Haines & Hinterding. This activity will explore the electromagnetic environment by way of simple instruments designed to resonate with energy fields, we will listen to both manmade and naturally occurring manifestations of this pervasive force that surrounds us in a sea of energy.

7–7.45 pm – Wednesdays Up Late at Galleria Campari  (live music)
Campari has collaborated with Sydney musician and composer Megan Alice Clune to bring you Wednesdays Up Late at Galleria Campari. Megan has curated a 13 week program of experimental, ambient and new classical music from both emerging and established Sydney/NSW musicians that will be framed with projections by artist, Carla Zimbler.  Join us in Galleria Campari and experience the diverse landscape of Sydney and NSW music alongside mesmerising projections. 

Performance by Rydeen starts at 7.15 pm.

7.45 pm – Projector (film)
Thirsty and Drowning In America 
49 minutes
Director: Adrian Parr

Drought, flooding, and contamination. Native Americans have had it all. They may have been beaten, bullied, victimised, and killed, but they are still fighting. As the seas rise, the ice melts, and resource extraction pollutes their land and waterways the stakes are getting higher. Today they are on the frontlines of environmental activism. From the water protectors at Standing Rock to the climate refugees of Isle de Charles, Louisiana and Shishmaref, Alaska this film gives voice to the untold stories of the water challenges Native American communities are facing, featuring heart-tugging conversations with community members.

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Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay Arts Precinct
Gathering (walk)

The Waterhouse at Barangaroo (Level 1)
Knowledge Holders (talk)
Assembly (performance)
Projector (film)

The Cutaway at Barangaroo (Ground Level)
Wednesdays Up Late at Galleria Campari (live music)

Free – including all programs and exhibition entry

Wednesdays Up Late at Galleria Campari is free to attend, no bookings required

The Biennale of Sydney strives to make all events accessible. You can advise us of your access requirements when booking online, by email or calling our box office on 02 8484 8702.

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Participants Bios

Paschal Daantos Berry

Paschal Daantos Berry is the Head of Learning and Participation at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He is a performance maker, curator, writer and dramaturg whose practice is focused on interdisciplinary, cross cultural, collaborative and socially engaged processes. He is a creator of award-winning performance works, an artist mentor, and has worked for Urban Theatre Projects, Radio National, Griffin Theatre, Performance Space, Blacktown Arts, Canberra Youth Theatre and the Biennale of Sydney.

Ry Edwards

Ry Edwards is a musician, DJ and radiohost living and working on unceded Wangal and Gadigal land. Their sound work extends across composition, performance, curation, collaboration and workshops, foregrounding DIY methodologies and genuine community infrastructure. As their core music project Rydeen, they reconfigure elements of contemporary club and electronic music through improv frameworks and experimentation.
Ry co-hosts the long running weekly club music show Spin the Bottle on Sydney community station FBi Radio and has appeared on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio, LA’s Dublab, London based Balamii and Triple J. They have composed and developed sound projects for Vivid Sydney, The Sydney Opera House and Cement Fondu.

Haines & Hinterding

David Haines and Joyce Hinterding live and work in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia and work both collaboratively and independently. Their solo and collaborative practices span various media from large-scale immersive video installation and experimental audio works for performance to discrete objects, images and aroma compositions. They often combine mediums with a concern for energies and the intersection between hallucination and the landscape, incorporating sound, installation, video, performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and computer game technologies.

Dr. Adrian Parr

Dr. Adrian Parr is the Dean of the College of Design at the University of Oregon. Parr has served as a UNESCO Water Chair for the past decade. She is a trans-disciplinary scholar working at the intersection of architecture criticism, aesthetics, political theory, and environmental studies.

Alessandra Pomarico

Alessandra Pomarico is a sociologist and curator of international and multidisciplinary residency programs, writer and organiser at the intersection of arts, pedagogy, social issues, nano-politics, and community building. Mobilising and bridging among institutions and artists’ run intra-stitutions, communities, and activists from local and global perspectives, her practice is research-based, with a focus on experimental and transformative aesthetic processes, coalitional learning, agency, social and ecological justice. She is an editor on the online platform artseverywhere. Her recent projects include the creation of Ammirato Culture House, the ongoing artistic/pedagogic initiative Free Home University and the Ecoversities Global Gatherings she co-hosted.