23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022) participant Kiki Smith uses

multi-media materials to communicate the infinite number of mystical and magical ways that humans, animals and the natural world are interconnected.

Collage Exercise

  1. Think of your favourite animal. What do you like most about it? Where does your favourite animal live? What covers its body? What could be some dangers your animal may encounter? Explore your favourite animal’s conservation status (find out about more here)

  2. In the spirit of Kiki Smith, create a collage!

  3. Gather a variety of materials from around your house or garden that can be featured in your collage. When selecting your materials consider colour, texture, shape and size.

  4. Arrange your collage. You may choose to arrange your materials on the carpet, in the grass or on your bed. You may also choose to glue your materials onto a piece of paper. Ask yourself, how can I be friendly to the environment through my choice of materials?

  5. Add more! How can you add additional detail? Can you use rice, spices or flour to draw on top of your collage?

  6. Document the evolution of your collage and share it on Instagram @biennalesydney using the Biennale of Sydney’s learning hashtag #BiennaleSydneyLearning.

Documentation is an important part of the creative process; you could even create a stop motion animation – we’d LOVE to see that!