Torres Strait 8

Formed 2019 in Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait Islands)
Zenadh Kes 

“We must look after our island, the way it has looked after us. The bosom of this land is our mother, and the water surrounding it is our father. We have to protect them, our islands our home”  


– Yessie Mosby, Zenadh Kes Masig man and claimant  


The Torres Strait 8 are a group of claimants and Traditional Owners from Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait Islands) taking the Australian government to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations for its inaction over climate change. Zenadh Kes is home to Torres Strait Islanders who have lived with a deep connection to land, sea, sky and culture for over 60,000 years. The people of Zenadh Kes are on the front line of climate change with rising sea levels, increasing extreme weather events and coastal erosion affecting the 18 inhabited islands in the region and threatening many communities’ way of life and culture.   




Yessie Mosby, Masig (Yorke Island)

Kabay Tamu, Warraber (Sue Island)

Keith Pabai, Boigu (Boigu Island)

Stanley Marama, Boigu (Boigu Island)

Nazareth Warria, Masig (Yorke Island)

Ted Billy, Warraber (Sue Island)

Daniel Billy, Warraber (Sue Island)

Nazareth Fauid, Poruma (Coconut Island)