Nuwandjali Marawili

Born 1965 in Gurambilbarra (Townsville), Australia
Lives in Gurambilbarra (Townsville)
Maḏarrpa clan, Yolŋu people

Nuwandjali Marawili is a senior Elder and artist of the Maḏarrpa clan, Yolŋu people. He is the son of deceased Maḏarrpa Elder, Wakuthi, and younger brother to current ceremonial leader and high-profile artist, Djambawa Marawili AM, a resident of Yilpara. His wife, Ralwurrandji Waṉambi, was also an artist of the Marrakulu clan that sometimes assisted on her husband’s work. Marawili designed the Sea Rights flag for the Northern Land Council in 2008 following his brother Djambawa’s success in organising the Blue Mud Bay case in the High Court of Australia.