New Landscapes Institute (Joni Taylor, Ben Blakebrough, M.A.C Studio + Ant Farm)


Established 2014 in Sydney, Australia

Joni Taylor Born 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa Lives in Sydney, Australia

Ben Blakebrough Born 1966, Sydney, Australia Lives in Sydney

The New Landscapes Institute (NLI) was established by curator Joni Taylor in 2014 to facilitate art, architecture and design collaborations. The NLI works in partnership with a range of cultural organisations and practitioners on creative research projects. It uses experimental spatial practices to investigate the transformation of landscapes and to engage with future ideas. Recent projects by the Institute have explored access to commons and public spaces in both urban and regional contexts. For the 23rd Biennale of Sydney, the NLI will focus on waterways bringing together artists, architects, researchers and designers to collaborate on ideas around floating architecture, archives and the unbuilt, animal-human communication, marine science and strange oceanic phenomena.