Born 1970 in Lørenskog, Norway Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Mette Edvardsen is a dancer and choreographer who, in recent years, has been exploring the nature of various theatrical expressions. While her practice is predominantly focused on performance, she frequently experiments with and combines different media in her works, including video, film and books. Whatever her chosen medium, Edvardsen tests the limits of language, time and space and, over the past decade, has developed a reputation for works that are both profound and humorous, simple and yet rich in detail. Using a playful approach to thoughts and references, Edvardsen seeks to consider how meaning and image come about, and how language can be used to form pictures in our heads.

In linking language, memory, presence, corporeality, voice, trace, cartographies, memories and imaginations performatively, Mette Edvardsen considers both the destructive and the generative forces contained in the word ‘gone’ in her solo piece No title, 2014. While in Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine, 2010, Edvardsen and her collaborators approach memory as a collective system of transformation, a factory of sociability, an urgent mixing of language, affect and imagination that, at every iteration, restarts time – opening it up for whatever is about to come for the Future of Dissapearance, as part of the 20th Biennale of Sydney.

Recent solo presentations of Mette Edvardsen’s work include ‘Mette Edvardsen: Retrospective’, Black Box Teater, Oslo (2015); ‘No title’, Kaaitheater, Brussels (2014); ‘Kunstenfestivaldesarts’, Brussels (2013); and ‘Meanwhile … Suddenly, And then’, 12 th Biennale de Lyon (2013–14). Select group exhibitions include ‘Translate, intertwine, transgress!’, Moderna Museet and MDT, Stockholm (2015); ‘MaerzMusik’, Berliner Festspiele, Berlin (2015); ‘Black Box/White Cube’, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid (2014); ‘Live Arts Week III’, Xing, Bologna (2014); and ‘Soiree Nomade’, Fondation Cartier, Paris (2012).