Jester. Drag Artist. Clown. Buffoon. IT.

Working Class Clown is a new site-specific one-person-play by Queer Fa’afafine performance artist and playwright Tommy Misa, on the transcultural figure of the ‘town fool’ and their unique ability to speak truth to power.

Working Class Clown takes inspiration from the Samoan political satire tradition of Fale Aitu, where clowns are possessed by spirits known as Aitu, thereby conferring the spiritual authority to take the piss out of the powers that be.

Drawing on the working class history and architecture of the White Bay Power Station, the messy political drag of Sydney’s yesteryear, and the tongue-in-cheek wisdom of Tommy’s late father Mefiposeta, the show honours those who entertain in the everyday workplace, home place, skool place, and more, including the classic backseat bandits of the rowdy bus network – (did you tap on?)

With this responsibility we must remember our obligation to be a voice of the people, to serve the most vulnerable amongst us. And when we tremble with fear, the cackles of laughter and applause will balm our wounds and amour us to take another step forward and pull our silliest face; and from those twisted smiles can come a tremendous battle cry

Join Tommy in the communion of play; undo the top button of your designer denim, let your gut sigh in relief, your wind pass, and your anger to transform into something unruly, radical and free.

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