Join us for a spotlight talk with 24th Biennale of Sydney artist, Satch Hoyt, who will appear by his work on display in the Boiler House at White Bay Power Station to discuss the themes and content of the work, his practice and the process of realising the project.


Satch Hoyt is a spiritualist, a believer in ritual and retention. Of Jamaican-British descent, Hoyt was born in London and currently lives in Berlin. A visual artist and musician, his diverse and multifaceted body of work – whether sculpture, sound installation, painting, musical performance, or musical recording – is united in its investigation of the “Eternal Afro-Sonic Signifier” and its movement across and amid the cultures, peoples, places, and times of the African diaspora. Those four evocative words (a term coined by Hoyt) refer to the “mnemonic network of sound” that was enslaved Africans’ “sole companion during the forced migration of the Middle Passage”.

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