Join us for a spotlight talk with 24th Biennale of Sydney artists, Mariana Castillo Deball, who will appear by her work on display in the Boiler House at White Bay Power Station to discuss the themes and content of the work, her practice, and the process of realising the project.


Mariana Castillo Deball takes a kaleidoscopic approach to her practice, mediating between science, archaeology, and the visual arts and exploring the way in which these disciplines describe the world. Her installations, performances, sculptures, and editorial projects arise from the recombination of different languages that seek to understand the role objects play in our identity and history. Her works result from a long research process, allowing her to study the different ways in which a historical object can be read as it presents a version of reality that informs and blends into a polyphonic panorama. Seeking to initiate a dialogue with institutions and museums beyond contemporary art, Castillo Deball collaborates with ethnographic collections, libraries, and historical archives.

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