Programs and Workshops originally scheduled on Saturday 6 April for EDGE Inner West will be postponed due to the severe weather on Friday 5 April. Stay tuned for upcoming updates from the Biennale and Inner West Council for new dates.

EDGE Talks

Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 April, White Bay Power Station, Rozelle

Guest curated by Australian writers and broadcasters Benjamin Law and Yumi Stynes, gather and hear from local luminaries as they cover a range of topics and ideas centred around the Inner West. Expect a motley and eccentric series of talks with ample special guests, presented as a love letter to the Inner West.

Saturday 27 April: Curated by Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law has programmed a day that packs in nearly all his interests, and things he knows obsess inner-Westies too.

11 am – Hidden Histories of the Inner West Book Now

Local historians, Vanessa Berry and Cathy Craigie with host Matty Mills will share insights into all the stuff you didn’t know had happened in the  neighbourhoods of the Inner West.

1 pm – Cornersmith Says Goodbye Book Now

Hosted by Jennifer Wong with guests Cornersmith’s Alex Elliott-Howery & Jaimee Edwards, everyone’s still mired in grief about the bricks-and-mortar departure of food icons Cornersmith, so this will be our chance to send them our love, while learning trade secrets about pickling and fermenting that we can take home us.

12pm – Pink Regenesis of the Curse

Pink Regenesis of the Curse is an open durational performance by Ryuichi Fujimura and WeiZen Ho. Informed by the belief in chirei from Ryuichi’s Japanese upbringing, and WeiZen’s SouthEast Asian practice in the ‘livingness’ and inter-relationship of all things, they explore place for the possible inhabitation of Spirit. Occupying time, yet compressing time from the perspective of the place as witness, they use their bodies as memory transmitters and invocation instruments.

This work responds intimately to the real and imagined memories embedded in the land, waterways, and architecture in the White Bay area. The performance takes place across the ground floor of White Bay Power Station, emerging out of the flow of people, as well as the nooks and crannies of the building.

3 pm – Inner West Clothing Exchange and Sustainability Convo Book Now

Hosted by Jennifer Wong with guests Jan Fran and Clare Press, Sydney local fashion icons Jan Fran and Clare Press will be digging into how to make clothing sustainable – while a giant clothes swap takes place.

Sunday 28 April: Curated by Yumi Stynes 

11 am – Dolly Doctor for Adults and Live Q&A Book Now

Legendary Dolly Doctor, Dr Melissa Kang is best known for answering questions about bodies and sex when we didn’t have anyone else to ask. The real woman is a hugely respected associate professor at the Sydney Medical School and for Inner West Talks will be hosting a Dolly Doctor For Adults – LIVE Q&A session, facilitated by her co-author on the ‘Welcome To’ book series, Yumi Stynes.

1 pm – All Asian Agony Aunts Book Now

In the Inner-West, the Asian sisterhood is rich with wisdom. For our talks series, we have a panel of ALL ASIAN AGONY AUNTS featuring Benjamin Law, comedian Jennifer Wong to answer all your heartfelt questions!

2:30pm – Hive Of Industry – Legs On The Wall

Hive Of Industry is a new work by Legs On The Wall in 2024. This work is has been visioned for the opening of the new White Bay Power Station as a place of art and Community activity. Legs will draw on its long-standing history of presenting works that respond to site and Hive Of Industry is no different. Responding to the industrial nature of the site, Legs will showcase the human body alongside the early 19th Century architecture. The early years of the power station saw it as a key part of the cities electrical grid and now transformed into a community art space, making Legs On The Wall the perfect fit, showcasing and celebrating this new Inner West arts space.

3 pm – Woo Woo Gives Back (Interactive Experience) Book Now

Hosted by Yumi Stynes, a celebration of all the Woo Woo the Inner West can offer. Tarot card readings, manifestations, an Astrology expert and someone who can make you cooler via your phone’s music playlist, these unique practitioners will offer free one-on-one consultations on a first-in, first-served basis.

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