23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022) participant Milton Becerra collects broken pieces from the past and transforms them into hanging artworks. He considers the suspended works as architectural investigations into our world.

Currently our worlds have shrunk, due to the global pandemic and ongoing lockdowns they now largely take place inside our homes.

Collecting Exercise 1.Imagine you are Milton Becerra’s artist assistant.

2.Becerra has requested that during lockdown you collect any and all of the broken pieces and materials that you can find in your home.

3.Catalogue each material fragment. For example, describe where the piece was found and what it used to be a part of. Be sure to include the date and the time!

4.Colour code your collected materials.

5.Document your Beloved Fragments of our Domestic World and share on Instagram using the Biennale of Sydney’s learning hashtag #BiennaleSydneyLearning @biennalesydney.

Note: This is a durational task. You may begin at any point and finish at the end of Sydney’s 2021 lockdown (or whenever you like).