Born Sydney 1970, lives and works in Sydney.

Marked by bold colour and energetic line work, Victoria Atkinson’s art pulsates with rhythm and passion. Her work is deeply personal and through it she warmly invites you to share in her life and world — her passion for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and reality TV, her quests for love and her memories.
Victoria is best known for her painting and her textiles. In 2018 her hand embroidered wrestling masks and belts were showcased at the Australian Design Centre as part of Meet the Maker (Mardi Gras edition). Rendered in hot pink, yellow and blue, they brought a rainbow delight to the aggressive world of wrestling.
More recently she has experimented with animation. In 2019, for home at Sub Base Platypus, North Sydney, she created an intimate two channel installation that immersed viewers in a sweet serenade of Victoria to her dream love, all set within a fabric version of the famous Bachelorette mansion.
In the same year Victoria exhibited at Sydney Contemporary and completed a major collaborative mural commission for UTS Central, titled Bird Life Jungle Disco, with six other Studio A artists. In 2020 Victoria engaged in a collaboration with Red Room Poetry and developed a textile series inspired by a special childhood memory of baby turtles who lived in a lake near her home.