V Barratt (they/them) is a trans-media artist living and working on Kaurna land. They have been working in the digital realm, bootstrapping the future, for over 30 years. V has a deep and abiding interest in Mary Beth Dempster’s idea of sympoiesis, the act of “making-with” in open systems of production and the dissolution of artificial boundaries between disciplines, individuals and all other beings. Barratt co-founded cyberfeminist art collective VNS Matrix (1991—ongoing), and continues to work with accomplices in ongoing collaborations.

V’s doctoral research focused on panic, affect and deterritorialization, explored through autotheoretical praxis. The power of affect as a neverending vibration through all things and the existential impact of this is a source of interest,

V is currently working towards the publication of their PhD thesis Beside My Self.