Plate It Forward is a social enterprise that is changing the hospitality landscape by creating equal opportunities around the table.

With their five top quality, commercial restaurants (Kyiv Social, Colombo Social, Kabul Social, Anything But Humble, Coyoacán Social), Plate It Forward train and employ people from marginalised communities. These include people seeking asylum, people with disabilities, and juvenile youth.

By working closely with their partners, Plate It Forward also provide much needed meals to those experiencing food insecurity locally and globally. For every set menu that is bought in our restaurants, we donate two meals. We also invest the profits from our catering arm to buy food.

This model is not without its challenges.

The people they employ from marginalised communities often don’t speak English, have never worked in the hospitality industry before, and have experienced a lot of trauma. This means that it takes longer for us to prepare meals and provide exceptional service.

With patience, love and care, their incredibly talented and skilled chefs provide the training, the support and the space our team needs to learn, develop and thrive. Plate It Forward strive to provide continuous employment for those who would not otherwise be employed elsewhere, and delight when one of their team uses the skills and experience they learned at Plate It Forward to build a new life for themselves in Australia.

In three years, Plate It Forward has donated 342 893 meals, employed 127 people from marginalised communities, and provided 75 911 hours of employment to vulnerable community members.

Your continued business with Plate It Forward helps them achieve our social impact mission. It’s only by working together that we can make a lasting change.
Thank you.