Meghan Carlsen is a Producer with over 30 years of experience in Australian and international entertainment industries. After University, her career began in advertising, working for multinationals in Australia and London, before moving into research and writing at Grundy’s, where she was mentored by some of the industry’s most respected storytellers and producers. Her work encompassed factual and scripted television and film across diverse genres for Australian and international productions. Notably, she wrote, produced, and directed factual programming for ABC Arts and SBS, including producing Polymorphous: Polly Borland.
In addition to my professional accomplishments, she co-established and ran a not-for-profit organisation, Delta Yarns, dedicated to gathering the stories of a regional community in North Queensland. The voices of the marginalised are retold and reimagined through thematically structured arts and culture initiatives. This work reflects her commitment to using storytelling to empower underserved communities and amplify their voices. This is based in the community where Malcolm Cole was born.
Most recently, she produced a comedy feature film starring Arj Barker and is currently in production on a true crime miscarriage of justice podcast set to air in 2024, developing several scripted television and feature projects and, of course, the documentary and scripted feature on the enigmatic Malcolm Cole.