Born 1978 in Croix-Lille, France Lives and works in London, United Kingdom; Antwerp, Belgium; and a caravan in the Croatian desert

An archivist of images, objects, words, crafts, fictions and documents, Laure Prouvost captures the daily flow of images and texts that assail us, in order to isolate the extraordinary associations and combinations that specifically serve her stories. Prouvost takes advantage of the Dog Leg Tunnel on Cockatoo Island to present Into All That Is Here With The Two Cockatoo Too an immersive installation that invites a sensorial experience of language and the perception of ideas.

This work is informed by the artist’s broader practice – a body of work that accumulates stories, language, materials and images within an ever-growing mythology of the self. The artist frequently refers to tunnels in her work, whether this be a channel through which her grandfather disappears, or a speculative, subterranean connection between the French and British Pavilions at the Venice Biennale. The tunnel provides the setting and the medium for an escape to somewhere else, existing as a site of transition, in which the depth of identity of objects, materials, ideas and our animation of these are bottomless, and constantly in flux. Laure Prouvost (b.1988, Antwerpen, France) lives and works between Monaco and Knokke. She practices making video, boobs, sounds and tea cups, objects and installation. Here a long list of museums and institutions. A line, interesting things, a coma, a line, a list of residencies and prizes. A selection of solo projects including: a Melting Into Another in Lisbon, an Occupied Paradise in Aalst, Deep See Blue Surrounding You in Venice and Toulouse, a Waiting Room with objects in Minneapolis, a New Museum for Grand dad in Milano, A tearoom for grand ma in Derry, a karaoke room in Brussels, a new octopus ink vodka bar for Gregor in Rotterdam, A travel agency for an Uncle in Frankfurt, a lobby for love among the artists in the Hague and Luzern…  tea bags, and wet floors and tentaculees. Commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney with assistance from the Ambassade de France en Austrlalie, carlier | gebauer, Lisson Gallery, and Galerie Nathalie Obadia Acknowledgements: Cockatoo Too Music: Ross Downes; The Laughing Oboist: Anna Durance; Project team: Samuel Batty, Cybele Cox, Daniel Curtis, Maud Gyssels, Anna John, James McKenzie, Ben Opie, Jaime Powell, Dylan Prinns, Matthew Woodham and Barry Woodsford