Afghan street food in the heart of Sydney. Kabul Social is founded on the stories and strengths of the people of Afghanistan.
Our menu is inspired by traditional Afghan flavours brought to life by a group of female refugees from Afghanistan. Kabul Social’s menu features generational recipes and modern street food dishes served across three categories – dumplings, ‘Kabuli burgers’ and Kabuli Snack Packs.

Dining at Kabul Social extends beyond delicious food inspired by the streets of Kabul. We invite you to be part of a collective movement for good.
By purchasing a meal at Kabul Social you will not only experience Afghan food, but your purchase will give two meals to those who need it – a meal to someone in Sydney and a meal to a family in Afghanistan.
Our mission is to use the universal love language of food to provide connection and compassion between our guests in Sydney and families in Kabul who need the support.
Currently, Afghanistan is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises and the united voices of our staff and our community have rallied together to provide employment, education, and immediate responses to the challenges that are currently being faced.
While many of our team have never worked before they are all motivated to not only support their families here, but also driven to create change and improve the outcome for those in need, both in Australia and back home.
Their incredible stories, strength, and the importance of connection through food is at the centre of Kabul Social and you’re invited to help create the change the world needs.

You can visit Kabul Social at two locations:
Shop T15 – MetCentre
60 Margaret St. Sydney NSW 2000

Food Court – Greenwood Plaza

36 Blue St. North Sydney NSW 2060