Matt Vaughan has been igniting dancefloors in Sydney and beyond for the past 20+ years. As creator and resident DJ of one of Sydney’s most revered queer parties, Loose Ends, he’s been instrumental in creating a space where generations of dancers that enjoy their nightlife left of centre and deeply diverse can come together, as well as creating a party environment that unites established icons and veterans of the queer dj and performance scene with emerging superstars.    

Ever evolving stylistically as a dj, and deliberately refusing to fit neatly in a box, Matt likes to surprise as much as satisfy a dancefloor. His sets are filled with personality and warmth and are as diverse and eclectic as the crowds he plays for, taking in everything from house and techno, disco and funk, poop, hip hop and soul. From underground all-nighters, to fashion and art events. From big-time main rooms to micro loungerooms, the common thread is a lifelong passion for sharing music and fostering connections on the dancefloor.