Agnieszka Kurant (Poland / USA)
UNSW Galleries

Agnieszka Kurant is a conceptual artist whose work investigates collective and nonhuman intelligences, the future of labour and creativity, and the exploitations within surveillance capitalism. Kurant proposes a rethinking of the human and more-than-human worlds from a perspective of plural subjectivity, as a polyphony of agencies. Collaborating with scientists, Kurant establishes networks based on crowdsourcing and made of multiple agents, to produce unstable, hybrid, evolving forms. Oscillating between biological, digital and geological, natural and artificial, life and nonlife, her speculative works explore emergence, cybernetics, automation, artificial life, mining industries, re-distribution and the replacement of individual authorship by complex, collective forms.


Presentation at the 24th Biennale of Sydney was made possible with assistance from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.