Biennale of Sydney

Sissel M Bergh

Sissel M Bergh, #tjaetsie (water) knowhowknow, 2017 (video still) HD video, 18:03 mins. Courtesy the artist

Sissel M Bergh

Born 1974 in Tråante / Trondheim, Saepmie / Norway
Lives and work in Tråante and itinerantly
From south-western Sápmi

Sissel M. Bergh is an interdisciplinary artist / dáiddar, whose work centres on language and landscape, knowledge systems and relations to the surrounding world. As a part of her practice, she collects traces of Sámi culture on the coast of Møre and Trøndelag, to problematise and question the (in)visibility of the Sámi presence in the official narratives of these areas. How does the production of history influence our today and tomorrow?

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