Biennale of Sydney

Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.)

I.C.E. invites you to exercise, dance and make art with frail and dementia-affected residents of Abel Tasman Village. Led by artists Naomi Oliver, Liam Benson and Victoria Harbutt, DJ Black President and Care Manager, Sophia Markwell, the program contemplates and honours existence and oblivion (your own). Experience your future. No watchers please.

Information + Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.)

Founded 1984 in Parramatta, Australia

Information + Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.) is a Western Sydney-based community arts organisation delivering cultural and creative engagement to marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

Using a synergy of old school community art and socially engaged contemporary arts practice, I.C.E. collaborates with communities, organisations, artists and creative producers to make art that facilitates connection, cohesion and representation and contributes to the ongoing development of a culturally and artistically rich Australia.