Biennale of Sydney

Water Lessons

The Biennale of Sydney’s Water Lessons’ and Lockdown Love resources are a starting point for educators and families to adapt accordingly to their needs, providing background information, inquiry questions, creative learning activities and recipes.

Water Lesson: One | Clarence Slockee (Jiwah)

In Water Lesson One | Clarence Stockee (Jiwah), attendees joined Cudgenburra/Bundjalung Aboriginal man, Clarence Slockee, and the Jiwah team for an intimate encounter with the South Eveleigh Community Rooftop. Attendees learned about the intricacies of the garden’s sustainable water system and gathered new knowledge on native edibles.

Exercise | Where are our Australian Natives?

Australia is home to 24,000 species of native plants; can you find any in your neighbourhood?

  1. Walk to your local park
  2. Observe the plants and flowers
  3. Take a guess! Choose a plant in the park you think might be an Australian native and think about the colour, shape, smell, texture and size.
  4. Take a photograph of the plant
  5. When you return home, do some additional research. try and find out more about your plant – is it an Australian Native or an introduced species?

Tip: Use a variety of sources including the internet, books and other friends and family members.

Watch the recap from the Water Lesson One on YouTube.

Water Lesson: Two | Bryony and Harry Lancaster (Egg of the Universe)

In Water Lesson Two | Bryony and Harry Lancaster (Egg of the Universe), attendees joined Bryony and Harry Lancaster from yoga and wholefoods institution Egg of the Universe and were guided through a slow and simple yin-based yoga class. Attendees connected to the seasons through a focus on the element ‘water’ and participated in a brewing ceremony and active discussion illuminating how to support one’s body throughout winter with wholefoods.

Recipe | Egg of the Universe inspired Winter Warming Elixir
Serves 2 


2 cup hot water

4 inches grated ginger

3-4 tsp coconut nectar or maple syrup

1 tbs lemon juice

½ tsp cayenne pepper

2 inches grated turmeric

Fresh mint (optional)


Pour hot water, grated ginger, lemon juice and grated turmeric into a pot. Bring to boil

Remove from heat

Mix coconut nectar or maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and mint

Pour into x2 cups


Watch the recap from the Water Lesson Two on YouTube.

Water Lesson: Three | Casino Wake Up Time

For the Biennale of Sydney’s third Water Lesson, Casino Wake Up Time artists Auntie Janelle Duncan, Auntie Margaret Torrens, Theresa Bolt and Kylie Caldwell shared stories and discussed sustainable practice through individual and collaborative weaving activities at the South Eveleigh Community Rooftop.

Exercise | Upcycled String Ornament

You will need

Scrap fabric – Preferably cotton longer than a metre


Time and patience


Cut or tear your fabric into strips of 1-2cm widths (the smaller the width, the finer the string)
Tip: Be sure to keep your string width consistent

Tie two fabric strips together at one end with a small knot to start

Start twisting the strip in your left hand anticlockwise whilst a friend holds the knot (you can also tape the knotted end to a wall)

Place the twisted strip (left-hand) on top of the untwisted strip (right-hand)

Begin twisting the strip in your right hand clockwise and place it on top of strip one

Repeat this process until there is no fabric remaining

Tie a small knot at the end to keep the string bound.

Use your decorative item as a bag tag, key chain or something entirely different?

Watch the recap from the Water Lesson Three on YouTube.