Biennale of Sydney

Komunidad X Sipat Lawin

Sipat Lawin Inc, Gobyerno Project : Castlemaine, 2017, from the Gobyerno project, performance. Commissioned by Castlemaine State Festival. Photograph: Brandon Relucio. Copyright © Sipat Lawin Inc.
Sipat Lawin Inc, Mahal kita Future Bayan Blacktown, 2017, performance. Courtesy Blacktown Arts Centre. Photograph: Brandon Relucio. Copyright © Sipat Lawin Inc.
Komunidad X, Komunidad Bangsa Salam Peace Hubs, 2019, performance. Commissioned by British Council Philippines. Photograph: Brandon Relucio. Copyright © Komunidad X.

Komunidad X Sipat Lawin

Established in Quezon City, Philippines
Based in Philippines, work with communities locally and abroad 

JK Anicoche
Born 1986 in Vigan City, Philippines
Lives in Quezon City, Philippines

Bunny Cadag
Born 1991 in Paete Laguna, Philippines
Lives in Manila, Philippines

Roger Federico
Born 1993 in Lepanto, Philippines
Lives in Benguet, Philippines

Tonio Flores
Born 1997 in Manila, Philippines
Lives in Cavite, Philippines

Aaron Kaiser Garcia
Born 1998 in Tacloban City, Philippines
Lives between Singapore and Philippines

KOMUNIDAD X (KX) is an anti-disciplinary* collective committed to creating ‘“life’” performances for civic engagement and social development. Comprised of social act-ors working at the intersection of art, culture and development, it is the collective arm of Sipat Lawin Inc (SLI), an edge-work contemporary cultural laboratory.

KX is primarily based in Manila, cultivating a social ecology of performance development platforms with different communities across the Philippines and around the world.

In 2020 KOMUNIDAD X launched its inaugural year with a 3-year commitment to responding to the theme of climate and cultural crisis with the Komunidad X Project. In line with this, the collective is initiating inter-agency platforms towards the creation of art as/for social ecologies.

23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022)

Details to be announced