Biennale of Sydney

Cian Dayrit

Cian Dayrit, Tropical Terror Tapestry, 2020, objects and embroidery on fabric. Installation view for Crack begins Within at Berlin Biennale (2020), Berlin. Commissioned by Berlin Biennale. Supported by Nome. Photograph: Mathias Volzke.
Cian Dayrit, Laya(g), 2020, digital print on fabric, open edition, dimensions variable. Installation view for Against the Flow (2020), exhibition in various fisherfolk communities in the Philippines, organised by Pamalakaya and SAKA. Courtesy the artist.
Cian Dayrit, Lunas sa Sistematikong Pang-aapi, 2020, objects, embroidered textile, dimensions variable. Photograph: Cian Dayrit.

Cian Dayrit

Born 1989 in Manila, Philippines
Lives in Rizal, Philippines

Cian Dayrit’s work investigates notions of power and identity as they are represented and reproduced in monuments, museums, maps and other institutionalised media. The works often respond to different marginalised communities, encouraging a critical reflection on colonial and privileged perspectives. His projects, which combine archival references, protest imagery and grassroots counter-mapping, show how empires scored out the maps of the modern world, how its aftermath perpetuates industrial development, and how alternative territories might be imagined from the ground up. Informed by the experience of colonialism from the perspective of the Philippines, Dayrit’s work nonetheless resists being fixed to a specific position or location.

23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022)

Details to be announced