Biennale of Sydney

Ackroyd & Harvey

Ackroyd & Harvey, Testament (aka Barbara), 1998 first grown, regrown 2010 and 2012, seedling grass, clay, hessian. Image imprinted through process of photosynthesis, 800 x 600 cm. Installation view for Terre Vulnerabili (2010). Commissioned by Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italy. Courtesy the artists. Photograph: Ackroyd & Harvey. Copyright © Ackroyd & Harvey.
Ackroyd & Harvey, The tree ceremony, 2015, from the series ‘Radical Action Reaction’, Evergreen oak tree, living seedling grass drapes, stage, 600 x 500 x 350 cm. Installation view for ArtCOP21 (2015). Commissioned by COAL et le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris. Courtesy the artists. Photograph: Ackroyd & Harvey. © Ackroyd & Harvey.
Ackroyd & Harvey, Beuys' Acorns, 2007-ongoing, 165 living oak trees grown from acorns collected from Joseph Beuys's artwork 7000 Oaks - City Forestation Instead of City Administration, dimensions variable. Supported by Willerby Landscapes UK / Kristina Bramstorp. Courtesy the artists. Photograph: Ackroyd & Harvey. Copyright © Ackroyd & Harvey.

Ackroyd & Harvey

Established 1990 in London, England
Live in Dorking, England and Cison di Valmarino, Italy

Heather Ackroyd
Born 1959 in Huddersfield, England

Dan Harvey
Born 1959 in Dorking, England

Ackroyd & Harvey create multi-disciplinary works that intersect art, activism, biology, ecology and history. Referencing memory and time, nature and culture, urban political ecologies and biosphere degradation, their time-based practice reveals an intrinsic bias towards process and event. Processes of germination, growth and decay (organic and inorganic), feature in artworks that often evolve through extended research in response to people and place, interfacing their interest in local ecologies and global environmental concerns. They have exhibited worldwide in contemporary art galleries, museums, public spaces and sites of special interest. In 2019, they co-founded Culture Declares Emergency in response to the climate and ecological emergency.

23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022)

Details to be announced